Maun Living

Maun proved to be a much-needed stop after the many hectic bus rides. We arrived at the hotel in the afternoon. Reuben was kind enough to walk us across the Old Matlapaneng walking bridge. We were dropped off in the hands of a recent resident who graciously shared the load of my ridiculously heavy backpack…

Chilling in Chobe (Chowe-bee)

The day began well before sunrise, far too early for the spoilt. Out first game drive into Chobe National Park departed at 6am. It was chilly and Vivek and I huddled together on our drive to the main Park gate, as we heard anecdotes from two other Backpackers, also hopping from country to country in…

Day One, Bus One

18th May 2017, we left Lusaka early this morning from the Intercity Bus Terminal. Packing had taken up most, if not all, of the night. Shweta’s brother Kshitij kindly offered to drop us off at the bus station, and other than one minor incident with some council workers, which Kshitij even more kindly offered to…


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portmanteau //pɔːrtˈmæntoʊ//:
1 : a large bag that opens up into two equal sections
2 : a word derived from the blending of two e.g. “portmanteau” and “two”